AberDabbaDoo 4.2% Rounded Amber Ale

 A nice session beer that you could contently drink all evening.

Made with British hops, Challenger and Progress.

Soft hoppy aromas to fill your nose and a caramel flavour carrying an edge of gentle spice to tickles your tongue.

Best at room temperature.
Recipe by John.

Roses are Red 4.7% #ff0000 Ruby Ale

Slightly bitter, and packed with fruit.

Triple hopped with Progress, Cluster and Brambling Cross.

A touch of fruit has been added to balance the bitterness, creating a delightful red glow to this pint.

Best at room temperature.
Recipe by Steph.

Lager Than Life 3.8% Light Golden Lager

A delightful crystal clear lager, perfect for a summer afternoon.

Brewed with Saaz and Cascade.

A hint of citrus and elderflower make this a refreshing and reviving pint.

Best slightly chilled.
Recipe by John.